We are back with part two of “The 4 Championship Golf Games During The Majors!”

In part one we discussed the first two games in the Majors, the Masters and the US Open.

In part two, we discuss the British Open and the PGA Championship.  So, let’s dive right in.

The British Open


The dawn of the British Open rose to light for the first time on October 20, 1860 in Prestwick, Scotland.  Eight full-time golf competitors took to the greens that fateful day, and one prevailed in triumph, that being Willie Park, Senior.  The following year, the British Open swung their doors open wide to the public, inviting any golfer in the world to compete.  For one and a half centuries this profound golf tournament has captivated the eyes and minds of millions, arguably being the most notable golf tournament in the world.  Since the beginning of this beautiful book that is the British Open, the Challenge Belt and the Claret Jug have been the highly coveted trophies, earned only by the most skillful and dedicated golfer.

Alberto Washington Claret Jug Challenge BeltPictured: The Challenge Belt and Claret Jug,
The British Open’s Most Prized Trophies
Source: The British Open

The PGA Championship

Alberto Washington Jim Barnes PGA ChampionshipPictured: Jim Barnes,
Winner of the Wanamaker Trophy and 1st Place at the First Ever PGA Championship
Source: PGA.com

Named, “one of the world’s premier sporting events,” the PGA Championship is the last of the four major championships in the Majors tournaments.  The start of this Championship marks the beginning of the end for golfers worldwide.  With the Wanamaker Trophy as the apple of these golfers eyes in this tournament, golfers have tirelessly worked to be considered for entry since day one of this tournament.  The year 2002 showcases this desire plainly; Ninety-eight of the world’s top 100 golfers were present in the tournament.  To say this Championship is important is to speak lightly.

This Championship found its birthplace in a closed-door meeting, led by Rodman Wanamaker, a keen owner of a department store.  He saw a clear path to capitalize off of such a prolific sport, and so, called this meeting on January 17, 1916.  Resultantly, The PGA of America was born.  Trying to act completely casual, Wanamaker dropped a hint that The PGA of America should have its own tournament.  One thing led to another, and on October 10, 1916, the first PGA Championship occurred in New York.  Jim Barnes, the first ever champion of the PGA Championship, won by an incredible one stroke, marking him a historical figure in the eyes of golfers everywhere.

The Majors have been strictly followed by golf fanatics everywhere since the very beginning. Anyone who is interested in golf should partake in the excitement by reading more about the Championships and those who actively partake in these tournaments.  There is much to learn from these golfers, and it’s incredible to watch them year after year! Want to learn more about the great sport of golf? Follow me on Twitter @AlberWashington and on my blog at AlbertoWashington.org.