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Alberto Washington is an avid golfer who spent many years competing internationally and holds a Masters Degree in Golf Teaching from San Diego Golf Academy. While growing up in Mexico City, Alberto played a great deal of golf on the weekends with his father. He was drawn to golf because of its high level of difficulty and the attention to detail needed to master the sport.

Alberto Washington has more than twenty years experience in the investment banking industry and in managing businesses.  His extensive experience has made him apt to consulting firms who are looking to considerably grow, making him a thought leader not for the people he has worked with over the years in his profession, but also people who are looking to grow in their own professions.  His many years of experience has given him the skills to forecast, evaluate strategic growth initiatives, analyze and implement financial initiatives, and budget, making him an asset to all companies he has worked with.  In every aspect of his life, Alberto Washington is a determined individual who is passionate about learning, adapting, and improving. This made golf a natural fit, due to the relentless commitment that is needed to hone one’s technique and succeed on the course.

Alberto thrives on this sport even though it is incredibly demanding and requires a great deal of athleticism and stamina.  To golf means to multitask, according to Alberto.  When a golfer swings, he/she is not only controlling his/her own body to perform the complex motions, but he/she is also paying attention to the amount of water in the grass, the speed of the wind, the height the ball needs to reach to clear obstacles, the angle that the club face needs to have in reference to the ball position, the ground type beneath the ball, and how hard the ball needs to be hit.  This doesn’t even include the intricacy of the focus a golfer needs to have while swinging.  A golfer has to pay attention to numerous things in his/her body to complete the task.  He/she needs to place his/her feet shoulder width apart, keep his/her eyes focused on the ball throughout the swing, keep his/her arms straight during the swing, rotate every single muscle in the body with appropriate force to hit the ball correctly, and more.  The biomechanics behind a golf swing are endlessly complex, and Alberto still gets a never-ending joy from playing the game.

As Alberto Washington progressed through the competitive ranks, moving to the United States to compete, he witnessed firsthand just how competitive and taxing the sport can be. At the amateur level, Alberto needed to complete 72 holes of golf in two days, forcing him to play two full rounds per day without a caddie. Regardless of these conditions, Alberto loved every moment of it.

Alberto Washington looks back on his competitive golf career fondly, as it helped him cultivate a number of skills that have translated well into the business world. He continues to enjoy playing golf, and find it to be an excellent opportunity to blend his passion for competition on the course with his work in financial markets and business.


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Professional Life

Alberto Washington is an experienced financial services professional and motivated entrepreneur who has applied his extensive financial knowledge to a wide range of endeavors. With extensive knowledge of corporate strategic and financial investment banking services, Alberto enjoys assisting corporations in financial planning and forecasting, budgeting, evaluating strategic growth initiatives, and analyzing and implementing financial initiatives to drive business plans to completion.

Alberto is the Founder of Mercury America’s Financial Partners, a financial advisory and consulting firm offering corporate and financial solutions to Latin America and Mexico’s clients in the commodities, energy, consumer products and infrastructure sectors. Furthermore, Alberto Washington serves as a Managing Director of Finance with Gavilan Commodities, a New York boutique advisory firm offering middle market companies advise and expertise in raising capital, capitalization initiatives and strategic corporate management directive.

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